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Here you can watch/listen to our ambassadors and partners discuss the continent's hottest topics and promote the ICE brand. 

ICE Africa - Webinar 1

​​​​​​Using customer data to advertise effectively and responsibly in Africa

With recent licensing and advertising bans in Uganda and Kenya following fears over gambling’s potentially harmful impact, there have been pressing calls for the industry to readdress its approach to responsible gaming.

Additionally, with online markets growing and player data becoming increasingly available, the ability for operators to understand the demographics and habits of their customers has never been greater.

In this webinar, sponsored by Golden Race and in association with ICE Africa,  we discuss how the industry should approach responsible gambling by exploring how technology and CRM capabilities can be utilised to implement strategies that protect both players and the African gaming industry.

Sponsored by

Golden Race


Moderator: Johnson Adewale Foye, Managing Consultant, WesternLottoBet

Martin Wachter, CEO/Founder, Golden Race

Jason Dedekind, Head of Marketing and Betting, Scorebet SA



ICE Africa - Webinar 2

​​​​​​Upcoming webinar: Africa as a case study: Tapping into developing markets

  •  Wed, Sept 4, 2019 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM BST


For a number of years the African betting industry has been seen as a rapidly growing market spurred on by increasing smartphone penetration, infrastructural and technological developments, and an emerging middle class obsessed with sports. While this is undoubtedly true with the region presenting great opportunities for both local and international stakeholders, the practicalities of entering the market are not so straightforward.
From licensing and taxation in a variety of jurisdictions to product customization and payment processing, this session will discuss how operators and suppliers can adapt their approach as they enter this exciting market. 


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