Philippe Vlaemminck

Philippe Vlaemminck

Partner, Pharumlegal

I preach and breathe all things digital for almost 20 years, with a focus on:

Innovation, customer satisfaction and service orientation. These skills are translated within
Multiminds into :

- Manage - Put the efficient processes in place
•    Automate tagging and reporting
•    Continual effort to obtain 100% correct data.

- Measure - Focus on the right metrics
•    Define the business objectives, SLA and KPIs
•    Integrate data sources,
•    Clear dashboard.

- Monetize - Analyze to optimize
•    Optimize Marketing ROI.

I have worked in big financial corporates in Belgium and Netherlands: Generale Bank,
Banksys, Euroclear, Fortis, Rabobank, ING.

Furthermore gained recognition in innovation and technology within Sun Microsystems 
Iberia. And tuned my management skills in GDF Suez as Unix Operations Manager.
These experiences allow me to rapidly understand the business needs of a company and
translate this to any level in the hierarchy, being very technical operators to managing directors.In this context I’m trained in Google & Universal Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Tealium.


•    People Management
•    Infrastructure Operations
•    Business Development

- Analytics (Manage)
•    Datamodel generation
•    Governance & Process
•    Application Deployment and Release Mgt

- Reporting & Analytics (Measure)
•    SLA & KPI Definition
•    Reporting & Dashboarding

- Optimization (Monetize)
•    Process Optimalisation
•    Insights Generation
•    Conversion Optimization

- Technology
•    Innovator
•    Daring
•    Thinking out of the box.


- Managing Partner & Digital Technology Lead at MultiMinds (July 2014 – Present)
Clients: Colruyt Group, Mediahuis, European Union

- Owner of Phil-it (Oct 1999 – Present)
Clients: PTT Telecom(Den Haag), Generale Bank (Rotterdam), Fortis (Rotterdam),
Rabobank (Utrecht),ING (Brussels)

- Unix Operations Mgr & Continual Service Improvement Mgr (GDF Suez)
May 2005 – July 2014 : Bi-located : Brussels - Paris

- 1999 to 2005
•    Mission Critical Engineer : ING
•    Technical Expert : Sun Microsystems EMEA & Iberia
•    Programmer & Development :