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Petro Magos

CEO, Magos Media


After starting his career in the gaming industry at the age of 19 in South Africa, serial entrepreneur Petro Magos forged his first business venture at the age of 27 and subsequently invested in various businesses and real estate. 
Petro’s motto is, “Keep educating yourself”. This is a simple enough phrase, but its power is compounded when it is executed every day.  It is the secret to remaining up to date, fresh, and relevant.
His speaking and MC career has seen him speak in front of thousands of audiences in South Africa. In 1998 his business acumen saw Petro open his first two businesses. 

When starting out; Petro looked at the most lucrative industries, mining, banking, real estate and media. Petro’s passion for communicating, steered him to the closest match which was the marketing and media industry, but soon his hunger for enterprise turned him into an entrepreneur; supplying creative solutions that bridged the gap between concept and market. The more Petro’s professional journey evolved, the more entrenched he became that communication is, and should be, a core principal of his businesses.

The gaming industry is part of his DNA and he has been involved in servicing and consulting to the gaming industry on both a personal and a company level. 
Petro Magos is the CEO of Magos Media, and is looking at furthering his ambitions into Africa. 

Magos Media offers a 360 solution within the Gaming, Media and Entertainment Industries and is the umbrella company to :

•    Promotion Jockeys
•    Magos Studios
•    Airports Radio
•    Legends Actors and Performers Managment 

He also is an advisory board member for Dark Matter Studios out of the UK.


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