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Regulators attending ICE Africa 2019

If you are a Regulator in Africa or the rest of the world, please read this page which includes bespoke information about ICE Africa to show the importance of attending the event this year. 

- What Regulators attended last year?
- What sessions do you need to know about?
- Why should you attend ICE Africa 2019?

Also, ICE traditionally hosts an extremely well-respected and exclusive International Legislators' Agenda, to read more about this, please click here.

What Regulators attended last year? 

The inaugural ICE Africa in 2018 saw 50+ regulators attend the show, highlighting the importance of coming together under one roof, to discuss regulatory challenges and compare strategies. The list of company names the regulators represented, and their countries are listed below:

*Please note duplicates have been removed

Company Country
Anambra State Gaming Co. Ltd
Boyesed Travel Co Ltd
Gaming board
Gaming Board Mozambique
Gaming Commission Ghana
Gauteng Gambling Board
Jarvie Worldwide
kc gaming networks limited
KwaZulu Natal Gaming and Betting Board
Lagos state Lotteries Board.
Limpopo Gambling Board
National Gaming Board
National Lotteries Commission
National Lottery Authority of Liberia
National Lottery Regulatory Commission
North West Gambling Board
Oyo State Gaming Board
Sun international
South Africa
South Africa
South Africa
South Africa
South Africa
South Africa
South Africa
South Africa
South Africa
South Africa
South Africa                                 

What sessions do you need to know about or be involved in?

The Next Step in Regulation – Developing an investment friendly ecosystem for the gaming industry in Africa

Featuring leading regulators and industry experts, this session will discuss the current state of the African regulatory landscape and will look ahead at the next steps in regulation to further develop the African gaming industry. With growing jurisdictions across the continent, hear how the African gaming industry can move forward.

Providing standardized Pan-African and regional regulation – is either achievable or practical?
Finding the right tax model – Turnover or GGR?
Understanding and embracing online gaming – how can mobile best be regulated?
Using the economic impact of regulation to boost public perceptions of gambling

Yahaya Maikori, Senior Partner, Law Allianz

Tackling Responsible Gambling for a Sustainable African Gaming Industry

With Uganda implementing an outright ban of sports betting and Kenya announcing tougher regulations with a specific focus on online and mobile gambling, it is evident that the African market is not immune to the political backlash seen in its European counterpart. This session will focus on how best to leverage marketing opportunities responsibly:

Encouraging self-regulation before forced regulation
The importance of CSR-led gambling advertising in an increasingly digital world
Know Your Customer (KYC): Utilising data to protect high risk demographics
Educating customers with new products, features and risks to avoid overwhelming a new market

John Kamara, Director, Global Gaming Company  
Aggrey Sayi, Country Marketing Manager, OdiBets Kenya
Sibongile Ssimelane-Quntana, Executive Director, South Africa Responsible Gaming Foundation 

A-Z: How Operators Can Invest in Africa

As the world’s second largest and second most populous continent, the region is full of diversity and complexity and this is evident in the gambling industry. This session will discuss the needs to know for operators looking to enter this exciting market:

Regulatory challenges – identifying the right market
Procurement processes
Understanding the infrastructural challenges
Operational impact and investment required
Navigating the barriers to entry – licensing and taxation
Adapting product and payment models for the market

Representative, Lottotech 
Dan Phillips, CEO, Nel Advisory LTD and Partner to the Spectrum Gaming Group

Gaming in Africa: How to Effectively Manage Public Perception

Gambling can be a divisive issue across the world and this is especially evident in Africa, a continent with widespread low LSM populations as well as prevalent cultural and social taboos. Navigating the negative public perception of gambling is crucial if the industry is to fully develop and thrive in Africa. To do this, the industry must demonstrate it’s potential to provide positivity to local economies:

Demonstrating the positive impact of effective regulation
Revenue raised for public and community projects
Ensuring at risk demographics are not targeted for marketing
Boosting local economies through the attraction of foreign investment, jobs and tourism
Taking examples from lotteries, including the UK, in the support of good causes

Attaining a License in Africa: How Operators and Regulators Can Work Together to Provide Clarity to the Process

Adding to the challenges of pop up retail sites, growing online access makes entering the market increasingly easy for rogue operators. To ensure effective regulation, it is crucial that regulators implement a transparent framework of what licenses are needed and how they can be attained to safeguard and streamline the process for market entry.

Developing a clear licensing framework
Why operators need to carry out their own due diligence to understand the licensing required
The impact of changing political environments and interventions
Adopting anti-money laundering policies and practices

Adekunle Adeniji, Managing Director, BetBonanza 
Olafadeke Akeju, Senior Partner, WYS Solicitors 

Evolving with the Times: Regulators Keeping Up with Technological Innovation

With technological advancements in the gaming industry constant, the issue of regulators keeping pace remains. While technology creates enormous possibilities for the African gaming industry, until it is comprehensively regulated, it will not fulfil its potential.

Online regulation – what is igaming and how can it be regulated?
Developing regulatory solutions to protect both players and revenues
Understanding and keeping ahead of the latest trends

Benjamin Yarnap, MD/CEO, Anambra State Gaming Company
Martin Sack, Founder and Director, Brainstorm online (pty) Ltd

What's Next for Lottery in Africa?

While lotteries remain a popular vertical across most African markets, with a lack of player trust over potentially colossal prizes and operators struggling to diversify their product range, there is still huge room to develop the lottery space. This session will focus on what the next steps for African lottery could look like in:

Diversifying the product range: live draw, RNG, item based 
Improving the public perception of lotteries – learning from international case studies to demonstrate the benefits for local infrastructure and good causes 
What would a coordinated African lottery look like? 
Fixed-odd lottery betting 
iLottery - Taking the step online

Dawid Muller, CE: Legal, Compliance and Integrity, Gidani Group 
Seun Anibaba, CEO, Lagos State Lotteries Board
Jean-Marie Emungu Ehumba, Vice President and Managing Director-General, African Lottery Association and DR Congo National Lottery Company


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