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Habet Addiction Healthcare Ltd

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Virtual environments could hold the potential to offer richer opportuni­ties for social responsibility discourse and collaborative learning than those afforded by static methods. The key to HABET is that users are having real-time, avatar-based face-to-face experiences in a humanistic online environment that allows for a visceral experience.

HABET Addiction Healthcare Ltd. is designed to offer a place to seek help and therapy through a unique platform called HABET. HABET is an immersive customized environment that maintains anonymity for users through the use of customisable avatars. HABET offers a sense of presence and identity that allows the user the freedom to seek out and engage with support personnel who also access the virtual environment through avatars.

HABET’s immersive virtual environment brings responsible gambling agendas, stake­holders and their content together in 3D virtual spaces where they can reach, engage, and collaborate with presentation and media content from anywhere on any device at any time. HABET connects those struggling with gambling addiction with carefully screened, HABET-approved addiction professionals from around the world. Each practitioner has their own specialisms and approaches to treatment, using our practitioner search, users of the service can be sure to find one that feels right for them.

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